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Mailrelay expands services and if you are a blogger this interests you

Mailrelay is the best tool for email marketing and if you are a blogger you are in luck.
The boys of Mailrelay have just launched a free account specifically for bloggers that includes nothing more and nothing less than:
  • up to 120,000 subscribers
  • up to 600,000 shipments per month
If you are a personal blogger (and not a company), you can use this Mailrelay account to send your own blog emails to the email lists that have been generated from the blog. Don't you think it's good news?
What are you waiting for to take a look? It's all explained in the Mailrelay article. We launched a new free account for bloggers - "personal brand". You can click here to learn more about it. You no longer have an excuse to send all your followers emails informing of your new publications.

Do you want to be up to date and learn more about email marketing to make your campaigns a success?

Mailrelay has a collection of ebooks with which you will learn to optimize your messages, to improve delivery in e-mail marketing and you will know the key aspects to succeed in email marketing. We are sure that they will help you with your campaigns and that is why we recommend that you read them.
Among this collection of ebooks, there is one very interesting one in which 11 experts from the online world have participated, where they talk about such interesting things as the most important factors involved in a good email marketing campaign and how important email is as a tool To optimize the life cycle of your customers, these issues and many others, treated from the point of view of these experts, they surely make you see email marketing from another point of view and rethink the focus of your next campaigns.

If you use another platform to send your newsletters and do not know if it is legal or not to continue using it for the dissolution of the Safe Harbor agreement, you already have another reason to hire Mailrelay. In this article they explain everything related to the topic and how to migrate from your current platform to Mailrelay.
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